We can take group orders on products that we currently don't have listed on our website 😊

We are happy to coordinate group orders and to use our network to hopefully reach more people. The idea behind these group orders are for particular stores that either have high international shipping fees (e.g. you just want to buy 1 item and the international fee is $$$/turns out to be more than the item) OR don't currently ship to Australia.

We're possibly looking into: Em Cosmetics, Then I Met You, Good (Skin Days) etc.

We're open to other suggestions but please be aware that we might not be able to accept all companies for group orders.

Current Group Orders Express of Interest

Em Cosmetics - Closed (Confirming Orders)

How does it work?

There are multiple stages of the group order. 

Gathering Interest 

We're gathering interest and taking in "orders" to gauge if there is enough interest to place a group order.

We'll be providing quotes for the items requested for you to either accept or decline. Generally, we'll provide multiple quotes to give you a possible range of what the final fees might be.

The quote is a rough estimate and will not be the final amount owing.

If there is not enough interest to do a feasible group order, we will let you know.


If there is enough interest to place a group order and people have accepted the quotes given, we will confirm orders. This is when we will be able to give you a more accurate quote on: international service fees + service fee.

You will need to place a 100% deposit of your order with us.

e.g. You wish to buy an item from Company A. The item is $10 USD. You will only need to pay the deposit of $10 USD for us and pay the other fees later.

The international shipping fee (divided across all the group orders) + service fee + domestic shipping rate will be invoiced once the item as arrived.

Order Placed with Supplier

Once all group order deposits have been paid, we will place the group order with the supplier/company. 


The group order has arrived to us and we'll then begin coordinating your orders and confirming the finalised payments.

You will need to pay: the international shipping fee (divided across all the group orders) + service fee + domestic shipping fee. We will not ship your items until this payment has been completed.

What fees do I need to pay?

We will provide a better quote as the fees can change depending on the group order and brand. We will let you know of the fees once we have gathered interest.

In summary, you will need to pay:

Cost of the Item (Deposit) + International Shipping Fee + Service Fee + Domestic Shipping Fee

International Shipping Fee

Once orders have all been confirmed, we will spread out the international shipping fee across all the orders. 

Service Fee

Generally, we will charge a 5-10% service fee (this is dependent on the brand and the total number of group orders) on your total order.

This is to:

  • Cover our time organising the group order
  • Cover our time packing orders
  • Shipping suppliers (e.g. satchels and greenwrap)

We are not interested in making profit for group orders so we will try and keep this as minimal as possible.

Domestic Shipping Fee

You will need to pay for the domestic shipping.

We will give you a rough estimate of the shipping costs and then a confirmed shipping cost once the your items have arrived. Most of the time, your shipping fee should be less than $15 AUD.

    Terms & Conditions

    • We require a 100% deposit on all group orders once they have been confirmede.g. You wish to buy an item from Company A. The item is $10 USD. You will only need to pay the deposit of $10 USD for us and pay the other fees later. The rest of the payment will be required once we receive the item(s) from the supplier. Items will not be shipped out until payment has been received in full.
    • Discounts/Vouchers/Coupons from Heartdrops cannot be used on group orders
    • It can take up to 21-30 days (or more) for us to get an item in. We will try and give you an estimated date once we have the tracking information from the international store
    • Free Shipping is not included as special orders are separate from our online store orders. We will let you know the shipping costs but most of the time it will be under $15. It may be hard for us to judge this as we don't know the exact weight of your products until they come in.