Rose Blooming Mist 70ml
Rose Blooming Mist 70ml

Rose Blooming Mist 70ml

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A moist and matte mist that corrects the balance of moisture and oil. The moisture ingredients (Rose Damscena Flower Water, Panthenol etc) which are natural moisturising substances that fill the skin with moisture from the inside and locks it in for lasting hydrating.

This moisturising mist maintains skin moisture with a silky texture but with no oily look.


  • If you want moisture replenishment for dry skin
  • If you want sebum control for oily skin
  • If you want a matte look all day
  • If you want to keep moisture and oil in balance

Gently mist a generous amount approximately 6 inches away from face with eyes closed. Wait until the ingredients are absorbed into the skin. 

Can be sprayed after washing face or anytime throughout the day as needed.