Heartdrops Officially Launches YAY! 🎉

Heartdrops Officially Launches YAY! 🎉

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Hey guys!

We're so excited to launch Heartdrops to everyone. We've been hard at work over the last few months, curating awesome products for you guys and most importantly, crunching the numbers to make sure we get you the best deals possible!

A little about us - the people behind Heartdops. I'm Jo, and my partner (in business and in life!) is Chris. I love skincare, and in particular Asian Beauty! I was first introduced to it a few years ago, by the Asian Beauty Subreddit. Armed with the overwhelming knowledge and support by those lovely people, I set out to see what was available in Australia.

I was disappointed.

We didn't have that many physical stores (at least not in good old Sydney) and if we did, then they were crazily marked up, not to mention with limited stock. So I turned my search to online stores such as YesStyle but then I was hit by either markups and worst of all...expensive overseas shipping that took ages.

Thus, Heartdrops was formed.

It's an exciting and scary time for us. We're currently testing the waters, to see if there is interest in our store hence we may have limited ranges and stock at the moment, but please do get in touch with us if there's anything in particular that you'll really want :) We're extremely friendly and want to help you guys!

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