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Hi there! We're happy to receive any inquiries, product requests or if you just want to chat about skincare! :) Come say hi, we're friendly and happy to chat about anything!

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COVID-19 + Stock Availability 

Please do not email us asking when an item will be in stock - we're getting so many emails/DMs asking when X, Y, Z will be in stock and it's really hard for us to know right now, due to COVID-19 impacting cargo flights and suppliers.

Please refer to the latest COVID-19 Store Status page here.

Thank you and stay safe everyone! ❤

PURITO Sunscreen

Please note, we are aware of the issues raised with PURITO Centella Green Level Unscented Sun and PURITO's statement of refunds here. Before we can issue any refunds, we will need to coordinate with our supplier to see the refund process with PURITO. 

We have contacted our supplier and are awaiting their reply. Thank you for your patience!

Update: 16/01 - No news/updates yet :( We're sorry. Our supplier is going back and forth with Purito who don't seem to want to honour the refund policy with our supplier (claiming that their refund policy is for only customers who directly purchased from their store NOT distributors) however our supplier is pushing for us. It's a slow and delicate process and we're just as frustrated, so please bear with us! 

26/02 - We're still in the process of going back and forth - there is much resistance, so we're trying to work with our supplier and Purito. We're so sorry guys!

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