Redeem Now, Shop Later with 10% OFF

Redeem Now, Shop Later with 10% OFF

Black Friday/Cyber Monday can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful period for consumers and retailers - trying to keep up with all the deals AND FOMO (fear of missing out) on deals.

It can lead to overspending and buying products that you don't necessarily need but didn't want to miss out on a good deal (🙋 we have been guilty of this! Totally creates hoarding issues and 'oh! I forgot I had this moments...'😂)

The idea didn't really sit well with us - we don't want you to feel pressured during these 4 days to purchase something that you might not necessarily need now and end up buying something that you might not use/forget about. Or create a massive dent in your wallet as you get your Christmas shopping list sorted! We also didn't fair for those who had placed orders within this week to go 'damn, I should have waited to place my order!'

So to combat that, we're offering the "Redeem Now, Shop Later" option 😊

Redeem Now, Shop Later!

How It Works: We've added a Loyalty Reward to get 10% OFF your order* for you to redeem between Thursday 28th November 2019 9PM - Tuesday 3rd December 2019 9AM.

All you need to do is sign up for our loyalty program (i.e. create an account) or if you already have an account, sign in to redeem!

Note: While you may be able to "redeem" the reward multiple times, there is a limit ONE per person. We will actively monitoring this and if you attempt to do it multiple times, we will remove the reward completely for your account. 


Discount Amount: 10% OFF* (Brand Exclusions Apply)

Reward Redemption Period: Thursday 28th November 2019 7PM - Tuesday 3rd December 2019 9AM

This is the period where the reward will be available to redeem on the loyalty program NOT the period when you can only use the voucher. The voucher, once redeemed, will be valid for 90 days.

Voucher Valid Until: 60 Days after Redemption :) Take your time on this one!

Reward Point Cost: 0 (accessible to all!) (Valid for ONE redemption per account/user ONLY. If you redeem it more than once, we will void all vouchers).

Brand Exclusions: Glossier, Krave Beauty, Peach & Lily, The Ordinary

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